Charlotte Ann Linklater and Frank Reed

Charlotte Ann(ie) was born on the 16th September, 1865 in Kirkwall, OKI. She arrived in South Australia on the "Ernestine" in 1866.

Charlotte was apprenticed to a dressmaker who had rooms on North Terace, Adelaide. Her family moved to live in Kapunda and then Hawker and then returned to Adelaide. Charlotte by then had a dressmaker's business in Hawker and so she remained there.

Charlotte married Frank Reed on the 26th February 1890 in Frank's home.

All of the children were born at Hawker. Their children were:

Frank's brother W.P.Reed's first wife died leaving WP with five children who ages ranged from one to ten years and Charlotte, after marrying Frank stayed to help take care of them.

The Linklaters were pure Scots and belonged to the Presbyterian Church but Charlotte became a member of the Methodist Church, which was not only a protestant church, but also regularly supported a resident minister, with Sunday Schools, Christian Endeavour groups after school, and Band of Hope meetings, about once a month, as well as the Sunday services.

Frank Reed built a house for Charlotte and himself in the settlement near Wonoka, and there the first five of their seven children were born. When their third child was a baby, Frank met with a serious accident at the mill, leading to an infected arm and a permanently crippled right hand and meant many a long period of illness, followed by unemployment. There was no workers' compensation or dole in those days.

After the birth of their fifth child, their house and all of their possessions were completely destroyed by fire, and insurance was not the commonplace afffair it is today.

The fire happened during the daytime when no one was at home, so they had saved only the clothes they were wearing, and the baby's pram. Probably the most valuable item they lost was the sewing machine, which was Charlotte's tool of trade.

After this calamity the family spent some time at Oraparinna but later returned to Hawker where they moved to several different homes.