Jean Phyllis Halfpenny and Ben Thomas

Jean was the third child born to Benjamin Halfpenny and Meta Linklater. She was born at Bouilla, Queensland.

During the war years, Jean was enlisted in the WAACS and later she and her sister Queenie managed a Deli in Melbourne.

Jean visiting her parents at Horton Park Station, met Ben Thomas at the Tibooburra Supply Store, Tibooburra, NSW.  They married in the Congregational Church at Broken Hill, NSW.

After they married, they did contracting work (wind-mills and wells) in the Tibooburra area. Ben and Jean lived in Caravans. They later moved to Queensland and worked on Bulloo Downs Station for 20 years. In 1966 they bought a property at Grandchester where Ben carried our many plowing contracts in the district. From Grandchester they moved to Rosewood, where Ben worked for the Moreton Shire Council. In 1976 they returned to Bulloo Downs until late 1979 when they retired. They bought a home in Rosewood and both worked for charity, helping to build the Rosewood Aged People's Home. Unfortunately before Ben and Jean could move into their lovely brick home, Jean died, on the 24th December, 1991 in Ipswich Hospital, Queensland.

Two children were born to Jean and Ben: