Robert Fea II

Robert Fea (b. 15th / 16th August 1740)  was born in Dublin.  Like his father, he entered the army and made Sergeant in the East Kent Militia on 20th April 1760.  This was the Militia which his father had help train when first set up.  His father had joined the Militia of Canterbury, earlier that month.

Robert Fea II married twice.  His first marriage was on 4th November 1764 to Mary Hills at St Peter, Canterbury, Kent, England.  She was born in the parish of Hearnehill, near Broughton in Kent and died on 10th August 1781.  They had six children who were all baptised at the Guildhall Street Independence and Presbyterian Church, Canterbury, Kent, England:

After the death of his first wife, Mary Hills, Robert Fea II married a second time.  His second wife was Mary Roffway, the widow of W Roffway. The marriage took place on 1st April 1783 at St. Peters, Canterbury, England.  The had one son