Barbara Fea

Barbara Fea, the daughter of James Fea and Helen Goar,  married twice: James Young and Donald Hume.

James Young was born in 1813 and they lived at Stove in Sanday at the time of the 1841 census

1841 Census - Stove
James Young Aged 25 years Farmer b. Scotland
Barbara Young Aged 25 years b. Orkney
Agnes Young Aged 20 years b. Orkney
William Metland Aged 20 years b. Scotland
Ruth McKenzie Aged 15 years b. Scotland
Mary Muir Aged 20 years b. Orkney
Betsy Drummond Aged 15 years b. Orkney

James appears to have been born outside of Orkney. Stove was, of course, an old Fea property and a more important estate than that of Clestrain in Stronsay in the 18th century. It had long passed out of Fea hands, by this time.

James Young died in an boating accident in 1849.

Erected by his widow
Barbara Fea
tenant of Stove
who died 23rd Feb 1849
by the upsetting of _____
in Eday Sound.
Aged 36 years

Donald Hume was the second husband of Barbara Fea. He came from Caithness. They farmed at Hunton on the neighbouring island of Stronsay and can be found there at the time of the 1861 census.

1861 Census - Hunton, Stronsay
Donald Hume Head Aged 39 years Farmer b. Caithness, Bonar
Barbara Hume Wife Aged 35 years Farmer's wife b. Sanday - Cross
James Hume Son Aged 6 years Scholar b. Sanday - Cross
Helen Fea MinL Aged 72 years Farmer's widow b. Sanday - Cross
Betsy Wallace Serv Aged 24 years House maid b. Sanday - Cross
Barbara Peace Serv Aged 21 years Dairy maid b. Stronsay
John Morrison Serv Aged 18 years Ploughman b. Latheron, Caithness
John Irvine Serv Aged 18 years Ploughman b. Sanday - Cross
James Chalmers Serv Aged 11 years Cowhand b. Sanday - Cross

They must have been fairly well to do as the census indicates that Donald Hume farmed 250 acres at Hunton and employed 6 labourers and 1 boy. Note that Barbara Fea's mother, Helen Goar, was still alive and staying with them.  She died the following year.

The farm had expanded by the time of the 1871 census for Donald Hume is described as a farmer of 300 acres of which 260 acres are arable.  He then employed 9 labourers and 1 boy.

Barbara Fea and James Young had a son, James John Hume b. 31st January 1855 in the Cross and Burness parish of Sanday.

From the 1871 census, we can determine that Donald Hume was married previously for there is a daughter, Jessie Hume who is aged 26 years, staying at Hunton.

1871 Census - Hunton, Stronsay
Donald Hume Head Aged 50 years Farmer b. Caithness, Watten
Barbara Hume Wife Aged 55 years b. Sanday - Cross & Burness
James John Hume Son Aged 16 years b. Sanday - C & B
Jessie Hume Dau Aged 26 years b. Caithness, Latheron
Douglas Fotheringham Serv. Aged 16 years Gen.dom serv b. Stronsay

Barbara Fea's second husband,Donald Hume, died in 1886.

Donald Hume
farmer Hutton, Stronsay
1821 - 1886

Erected by his
sorrying widow
Barbara Fea

Barbara Fea is likely to have died prior to the 1891 census for at that time, her son James John Hume is continuing to farm at Hunton in Stronsay. He has married and has a daughter, Mary.

1891 Census - Hunton, Stronsay
James John Hume Head Aged 36 years Farmer b. Sanday
Janet O G Hume Wife Aged 31 years b. Stronsay
Mary B F Hume Dau Aged 3 years b. Stronsay
William D S F Smith Border Aged 20 years Engineer b. Manchester
Jessie Irvine Serv Aged 29 years Gen. dom serv b. Stronsay
Mary Meil Serv Aged 17 years Dairy maid b. Eday