Frigate of Patrick Fea

The Frigate commanded by Patrick Fea was apparently a privateer of Charles II’s time.  as may be gleaned from an “Obligation” in the Fea papers.

We Sir Alexander Bruce of Broomhall knight, Captane Andrew Dick, Captane Thomas Hamiltone and Captane Peter Winchester, pairtowners of the Sound friggat of Orkney  Be thir presents bind and obleidge us for our owne rextive interests yrin To content and pay to Patrick Fea his equall share as leiutenant of the said friggat..  Not only out of the third of all ships and goods taken be her and declaired lawfull pryze be the high court of admirality  and not reclaimed during the tyme  that Captane William Buchannan was Commander of the said friggat and the said Patrick Fea, his leiut in the late war with Holland But also to make furthcomand to the said Patrick Fea his said equal share out of the third of what goods and commodities he shall discover and make appear to have been embezled and concealled by the said Captane William Buchanan out of the said pryzes and ships the tyme forsaid, And that efter the compleit probation thereof And for the mair securety We are content and consent thir presents  be insert and registrat, etc, etc.

(Sg.) Al Bruce
Andrew Dick
Pet Winchester
Tho. Hamilton

Signed at Edinburgh, 6/5/1675
Wits: David Murray of Clairden, Alex. Gibson, Writter in Edin and Andrew Bruce writer hereof.

The Feas of Clestran (1932), Hugh Marwick
Proceedings of the Orkney Antiquarian Society Vol XI, p 33