John Fea

From his birth in 1762, John was looked after by his grandmother, the mother of Anne Corbet.

He attended Trinity College, Dublin, won a scholarship in 1787 and gained a BA degree, the following year.

He entered the church as a curate at St. Thomas’s Church in Dublin.  In 1790, he married Elizabeth Woods, the daughter of Michael Woods from that city.  They had two sons and two daughters including:

Rev John Fea died at the age of 82 in 1844.  In his will, he had some property left to him by his aunt, Ann Cormack of Dublin in her will dated 18th April 1820.  She was described as a spinster with no living relatives, excepting James Holmes, a nephew. 

As his mother was Ann Corbet or Cormack, it seems unlikely that John Fea would also have an aunt with the same Christian name as his sister. The assumption must be that this was in fact his mother, who had in later years retained her maiden name and designation of spinster.