James Traill Fea

James Traill Fea was born on 5 December 1808 and resided at Gardner Court / High Street in Falkirk. He was a coach builder and painter according to the census records and his death register.

CHAISE-CAR AND INVALID CHAIR For Sale, an Excellent Close-covered CAR made of best material and built to order, and now very little the worse for wear. Also, an INVALID'S CHAIR, to be sold a bargain. - Apply to Mr Fea, Coachbuilder, Falkirk.

Notice in the Falkirk Herald, 14th April 1861

James was "single" at the time of death, that information supplied by his nephew, Alexander Fea. He died on 28 December 1880 in Falkirk.

The death register list's James' father as John Fea the lock keeper, deceased, and his mother's maiden name as Brown.