William Charles Fea and Frances Mary Page

William Fea (b. 18th October 1857) was a clerk with the Bank of England at the time of the 1881 census. He was staying at 28 Dartmouth Park Rd. in London with his widowed mother and younger brother.

On 18th January 1894, at the age of 36, he married Frances Mary Page (b. 26th November 1859), a daughter of George Page and Frances Gadsby. The marriage was a Roman Catholic ceremony and took place at Greyfriars Church, Chelworth.

Frances was a widow. Her maiden surname was Page but she was Frances Mary Collins at the time of marrying William. She was known affectionately as "Fanny". She had been living in Manchester prior to the marriage. Frances already had a daughter, Blanche.

William and Frances had two sons:

At the time of Cyril's birth, they were staying at 39 Lennard Road, Beckenham.

William worked for the Antony Gibbs Merchant Banking Company in the City of London.