Allan Fea: Books and Articles

Allan Fea wrote the following books and articles:

The Flight of the King
Secret Chambers and Hiding Places
King Monmouth
Picturesque Old Houses
After Worcester Fight
Memoirs of the Martyr King
Pictorial Edition of the Memoirs of Count de Gramont
Some Beauties of the Seventeenth Century
Nooks and Corners of Old England
James II and His Wives
Seymour Lucas, R.A., a monograph
Old English Houses (a revised edition of Picturesque Old Houses)
My Lady Wentworth
The Real Captain Cleveland (1912)
Old World Places
Quiet Roads and Sleepy Villages (1913)
Where Tradition Lingers Longer (1923)
Recollections of Sixty Years (1927)
The Loyal Wentworths (1927)
Rooms of Mystery and Romance (1931)
The Latest Adventures in Wonderland (1950 - under the pseudonyms M.A.D. Hatter as author and J. Abberwock as illustrator)

Realistic Peeps into the Past (Gentleman's Magazine - 1903)
Tom Killigrew: Charles II's Jester (Country Life - 23rd April 1938)
Charles II in Suffolk (Suffolciensiam Antiquariorum - 1938)
Contributor to "Blighty" (1939 - 1941)
Portraits of Nell Gwyn, Moll Davies and Others (The Connoisseur - March 1943)
Portraits of Lucy Walter, Monmouth's Mother (Burlington Magazine - 1945)
Stuart Relics, and the Stories They Tell (Everybodys - 1945)
The Mystery of the Historical Portrait (Country Life - 1949)