Voyage of William Fea on the Lady Charlotte

It was a long journey after setting out from Liverpool on 26th September 1837 and William Fea records in his journal that he whiled away the time fishing, sketching and playing draughts and duets (guitar and flute) with Captain Gill. He mentions an African cook who was expert in climbing the "Royal Yard Arm" and descended holding onto a single rope while his other hand held a capful of martins.

Breakfast consisted of a concoction of oatmeal, butter and sugar; salt beef, potatoes and coffee. Lunch was often a mashed paste of salt fish and potatoes. Dinner included chicken and goose but these ran out long before the end of the journey.

There were a small crew of nine, including a mate who liked a drink. The occasional shark was hauled onboard.

There was a fair sea running around the Falkland Islands and also around Cape Horn, which they passed by the end of December after "weeks of terrific tossing and drenching in heavy gales and contrary winds, which on one occasion nearly carried away the captain and half of his crew".

Cape St Lucia was spotted on 26th January 1838 and at noon they anchored in Callao Bay after four months on the voyage.