Alexander Fea and Agnes Ronald Parker

Agnes Parker, baby John, and Alexander Fea

Alexander Fea, a son of John Fea and Catherine Thomson, was born in Falkirk, Scotland on 8th February 1827 according to OPR and census records. However, his U.S. descendents say that he took after his father and made himself younger on census documents (they believe his birth was at least 10 years earlier and the OPR record is that of a younger brother). Alexander immigrated to New York State in 1849, settling first in Palantine Bridge, then Cherry Valley, and later Amsterdam. It was at Palantine Bridge in 1850 that he married Agnes Ronald Parker, daughter of Robert Parker and Euphemia Ronald of "Cauldhame", Grahamston, Falkirk, Scotland.

Alexander's occupation was that of a cabinetmaker, specialising in pianos and organs and he established manufacturing in Cherry Valley and later moved to Bridge Street in Amsterdam, New York. He and Agnes had six children. All are believed to have been born in Cherry Valley.

Agnes passed away on 10th April 1877 and is buried at Cherry Valley Cemetery. Alexander married again in the early 1890s to Katherine Dingman. They had one child:

   Alexander Fea's Children ca 1889
   Left to Right Standing: Mary, Jean and Anna
   Seated: Alexander Jr., Agnes, and John

Alexander corresponded with his brother Thomas Fea and family in Missouri and Alex's son John visited his cousins and Aunt Ann for three months during early 1873. In 1898 Alexander Jr. went to Scotland on business and traveled to Falkirk at his father's request to ascertain if any of his relatives still lived. It was from them that Alex Jr. learned that his father's sister, Helen Fea Winton, was living in Ohio. It is also probably that Alex Jr. imparted some of the information that would be published by Allan Fea in The Real Captain Cleveland. On the 10th of December 1898, Alexander Sr. arrived in Cleveland, Ohio and reunited with Helen. It was reported, "The brother and sister had recollections of each other only as youth and maiden. Mrs. Winton expected to find her brother aged and infirm. She was greatly surprised to find him still spry and energetic."

Alexander died on 23rd September 1909 in an Albany, New York hospital. His funeral was held at the home of Alex Jr. Afterwards, Alex Sr. was buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Section 21, Amsterdam.