Thomas Fea

Information on Thomas Fea comes from the inscription on an old gravestone for his wife as well as the book by A Francis Steuart.

Thomas was a Lerwick merchant in the early 18th century. He married Margaret Bolt in 1736. Margaret was born in 1714 and died on 14th November 1758 at the age of forty four.

Thomas and Margaret had thirteen children.

The following appear in the IGI as born in Lerwick although as only the father?s name is given, it is unknown if these are their children:

It is noted that in 1759, the year after Margaret?s death, there was a marriage of a Thomas Fea to a Barbara Umphrey. It is possible that this could be a subsequent marriage although with thirteen children by a first marriage it would have made a great many children. It is likely that a significant number did not survive infancy.

Thomas and Barbara Umphrey are thought to have had the following children born in Lerwick:

Again, only the father?s name is given and in consequence, there is lack of certainty in allocating children. It should be noted that there were also children born in the general period to a Thomas Fea and Jacobina Henderson (or Henrysdaughter), certainly between 1769 and 1780.