William Gilbert Maclaurin and Catherine Cochraine Macky

William Gilbert Maclaurin was born on 23rd October 1862 in Sandsting, Shetland, a son of Robert Campbell Maclaurin and Martha Joan Spence.

He emigrated to New Zealand and married Catherine Cochrane (Cassie) Macky on 23rd October 1887. Cassie (b. 7th June 1866, Auckland) was the daughter of William Macky and Anne Goodfellow. Cassie's younger sister, Dorcas Macky, married William's younger brother, James Scott Maclaurin six years later.

William and Cassie had five children:

William was a farmer. He and Cassie were at Mangatunam, near Gisborne, New Zealand and subsequently Hexton. He died on 16th May 1933 and Cassie on 9th November 1948, both in Paterangi.