Margaret Strong and Alexander Davidson Strong

Margaret Strong (b. 1st October 1798) was the eldest of the known children of Robert Strong and Martha Fea.

She married her cousin, Alexander Davidson Strong, who was a son of John Strong and Jane Davidson and a grandson of John Strong and Jane Calder, Martha’s paternal grandparents. Alexander was born in Edinburgh in 1808.

The family were at Millburn, Inverness in 1851 with Martha Strong, Margaret’s sister, who is described in the census as a cousin of Alexander.

There is no indication of Margaret and Alexander having had children.

Martha is with the family again in 1861 when they are in North Leith and in 1871 and 1881 when nearby at Taap Hall, Ferry Road, Edinburgh. On these occasions, her relationship to Alexander as head of the household is sister in law.

In 1851 to 1871, Alexander's occupation is given as "fund holder" and "collector" in 1881.

Alexander and Margaret were still at Taap Hall in 1891 when the census gives their ages as eighty three and ninety two respectively.

Margaret died in St Andrews, Fife in 1893 and Alexander in Edinburgh on 20th January 1904.