Margaret Fea and Robert Scollay of Odness

Margaret Fea, the daughter of James Fea IV of Clestrain and Isobel Traill, married Robert Scollay of Odness in Stronsay who was a son of Robert Scollay and Elspeth Fea.

Robert Scollay was born around 1664 and became heir to the lands of Hunton and Sangar on the death of his older brother, James Scollay c 1681.  These were sold to Malcolm Scollay in 1684.  A law suit of 1700 indicates Robert's age as 36 at that time.

Margaret Fea and Robert Scollay had a son -

Robert Scollay, as “Bayleiff Depute of Stronsay” sat in judgement at Odness in Stronsay on 22nd January 1689.

Margaret Fea’s brother, William Fea of Milnfield was one of the Baillies of Kirkwall and on 3rd October 1704 “craved that the magistrates and council might do him the favour to admit Robert Scollay of Odness [his brother in law] burgess in this Brugh.”

This request was granted for the Burgh minutes record a “Gentleman’s Ticquet in his favour… the said burgess to be admitted gratis.”

Robert Scollay died some time after 28th March 1720, when his son appears on record of the Kirkwall Kirk Session minutes.