Elizabeth Bell Fea

Elizabeth Bell Fea was born in Plaistow, Essex in 1812 to William Fea and Elizabeth Bell.

Little is known about her and although she can be found in some of the censuses.

In 1851, Elizabeth is with her sister Cecilia Fea and her family at 3 Rutland Terrace in Hull. She is described as a landed proprietress, a description that occurs in a number of the subsequent censuses.

In 1861, she is at 15 Elstronwick village in Yorkshire and a companion to "Frances Carr" who is a widow, aged 80 years. Elizabeth is unmarried and is Frances's niece. This would appear to be her mother's sister, Frances Bell, who was the widow of Henry Carr. Henry and Frances were married in Newington, Surrey on 11th April 1815. Three of Elizabeth's younger siblings were born in Lambeth, Surrey around this time. Elstronwick where Elizabeth was staying with the aunt, is just three and a half miles from Hedon where Caroline Fea, Elizabeth's sister was born.

Elizabeth is back with her sister Cecilia, then a widow, at 3 Rutland Terrace, Hull in 1871 and with the family, a little further out, at Cottingham in 1881.

She died 1890 in Sculcoates.