Alexander Winton and Labelle McGlashan

Alexander Winton married a second time on 12th December 1905, back in Glasgow. His wife was Labelle McGlashan. The marriage register indicates that she was living in Paisley while Alexander was a motor car manufacturer of Cleveland, Ohio although living at that time at St Enoch Station Hotel, Glasgow.

Labelle was a cousin of Alexander's first wife, Jeanette Muir McGlashan. It is possible that Alexander's mother may have had something to do with this arrangement as she had been living in Scotland before the death of Jeanette and coming out to the US to help with the children. Alexander may even not have seen Labelle since he left Scotland when she would have been seven years old.

Labelle as she is recorded in the marriage register, was born Isabella McGlashan on 28th July 1873 on Rothsay in the island of Bute in the Firth of Clyde. She was the daughter of William McGlashan and Margaret Murray. Her father's occupation is given according to the marriage register as sewing machine maker master.

They travelled to Ohio and were at Rockport, Cuyahoga County at the time of the 1901 census.

Alexander and Labelle and two children:

The fortunes of the Winton Motor Car Company, which had changed its name from The Winton Motor Carriage Company in 1914, began to decline due to increasing price competition and the demand for mass market production. Alexander's interest in motor car production probably began to decline around this time and switched to gas and oil engines.

The depression followed with the realisation of large parts of the motor car business.

The mansion, Roseneath in Lakewood, was sold in June 1924 to the neighbours on either side of it for around $200,000 and a smaller house bought in the Clifton Park section of Lakewood.

Labelle died shortly thereafter of pneumonia in Cuyahoga County on 7th October 1925.

Alexander Winton remarried in 1927.