Alexander Winton

Alexander Winton was sixty six when he went off to Covington, Kentucky and married for the third time. This was in April 1927 to Marion Campbell who was twenty seven. Marion was from Belefontain, Ohio.

Alexander became acquainted with Marion earlier that year following the premier of the light opera Love's Wishing Well on 7th March by the Cleveland Opera Co. The opera was based on Irish folklore and Marion was both composer and librettist.

He was indulgent towards Marion and her interest in the cause of the Native American Indian. A concert performance of her opera Seminole was given in a tent in the grounds of their estate at Clifton Park on 12th June 1929. The governor of Ohio and his wife were among those attending.

Marion founded the Women's National League for Justice to American Indians on 18th September 1929. Events arising out of her interest in Indian affairs resulted in Alexander stating that he was not as interested as she was and Marion sued for divorce, which was granted on 19th August 1930 with settlement of cash and a Florida property purchased after their marriage.

Marion remarried, her husband being a Yakima Indian from Washington State, Chief Nipo Strongheart. They divorced in 1934. Marion died in Florida in 1944, aged forty six.

Alexander remarried less than a month following the granting of divorce from Marion. His fourth wife was Mary Ellen (Dollie) Avery whom he married on 2nd September 1930. Dollie was forty eight and had been married twice before. She was a concert singer and they had met at a social event on 19th July of that year.

Alexander died two years later on 21st June 1932 at their house at Clifton Park. He and Dollie had just returned for a fortnight before. They had spent the previous winter in Florida.