Birsay Feas

There are a number of references to Feas in Birsay, Orkney.   While it is likely that these trace back to the Feas in the North Isles of Stronsay and Sanday, the connection is not known.

There are two lines of Feas which have been traced back to Feas in Birsay: the descendants of James Fea of Boardhouse,  who has a son, Robert Fea (b. 1710), and those of Peter Fea (b. 6th September 1764) and Ann Medd. Links between these Birsay Feas and to other Birsay Feas for which there are references have not been confirmed.   There is a possibility that Peter Fea is descended from James Fea of Boardhouse and his wife, Janet Nisbet.

These Fea families are quite early and there is only one reference to the family in the census.  That is in 1841:

1841 Census
Walkerhouse, The Barony, Birsay
Catherine Fea
Janet Fea
Ann McDonald
James McDonald
Ann McDonald
70 years
Born - Orkney

There are a few Birsay Feas births in the IGI: