James Fea and Jean Cooper

James Fea was probably born about 1770 on Stronsay, but we have no record of his birth or parents. Stronsay parish records have no entries recorded between December 1770 and June 1797. There was a James Fea born to Mitchel Fea and Margaret Brodie in Stronsay in 1766 but it would be merely speculation to suggest that this is the same family.

James married Jane/Jean Cooper on 27th November, 1796. Jane had been born in 1769 to John & Jean Cooper (nee Chambers or Chalmers). Jane died on 24th June, 1859 - aged 90 years and is buried in the St. Magnus Cathedral Churchyard in Kirkwall)

James was a farmer (mentioned on several son's death certificates). They lived in Stronsay and later at Victoria Street, Kirkwall.

James and Jane had the following children:

Although we have no evidence of a direct link to the Feas of Clestrain, family stories claim this link; eg William Linklater (1867- 1942), great grandson of James and Jean, says, recalling in old age the stories he had heard as a child: