David John Fea

David Fea, elder son of John Hepburn Fea & Mary Taylor Hubert, was born 6th June, 1883, in Adelaide. After losing his mother at age 8, he was brought up by grandfather, David Fea.  Before he was sixteen he was apprehended for larceny and sentenced to reformatory until age 18.  His partner was whipped.  He must have been released early,  was apprehended again aged 17-1/2 and sentenced again until age 19.

There were no further apprehensions and David became a Journalist.  He served in the 1st AIF (9th Light Horse) during World War 1.

He died 19th August, 1956, at  the Royal Adelaide Hospital and is buried at West Terrace Cemetery

FEA - On the 19th August, at Adelaide, David James Fea of Leicester Street, Parkside (late 9th Light Horse 1st AIF)     Aged 73 years.

The Adelaide Advertiser, Wednesday August 22, 1956

David FEA and Percy HAINS by FC Shanahan for larcency from Fred GRASBY at Adelaide.    FEA, reformatory until age of 18 years.  HAINS whipped.

POLICE GAZETTE March 22, 1899

David John FEA by FC Byrne for larceny from Carl Nelson at Port Adelaide.   Reformatory until the age of 19 years.

POLICE GAZETTE  December 12, 1900