Barbara Fea and Josiah Shurie

Barbara Slater Fea was James & Margaret's second daughter, born in Stronsay on 4th October 1832 and baptised on 28th October, 1832. Before her marriage she was a domestic servant and in 1851 was with John & Margaret Hepburn.

She married Josiah Passmore Shurie on 22nd May, 1862, at Crantit, Kirkwall. Josiah was the son of John Shurie and Ann Rendall. Josiah was born in the parish of Evie in 1837 or 1838 . He was a Stonemason and in 1862, was living in Kirkwall with his parents.

Barbara and Josiah lived in Bridge Street, Kirkwall for several years, then in Edinburgh, before migrating to Canada where they lived first in Rockland, Ontario, then in Trenton, Ontario. Josiah initially moved to Canada alone and then returned to Edinburgh in 1872 to accompany Barbara and their children to their new home. (Source: Obituary of Barbara Fea)

Barbara and Josiah were actively involved with St. Andrew's (Catholic) Church, Trenton, where Josiah was for many years an Elder and then the senior member of Session.

Barbara died on 20 December 1913 in Trenton. Josiah died 5 years later, on 29 March 1918, also in Trenton.

Barbara and Josiah had nine sons and one daughter: