SPCK School on Calf of Eday

It is understood that the main island of Eday never had a school supported by the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge.  The Society apparently had a policy of self help and only assisted where there were some signs of the local parishioners and heritors establishing a school for themselves.

The minutes of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge for 14th January, 1731, show that there was a school on the Calf of Eday.  This was run by the Presbyterian, George Charles, and there were about 27 boys and 10 girls. According to the minutes (page 446), this was due to the generosity of James Fea the younger of Clestrain in Stronsay.  "Who had been most careful about the school, gave a house for it and promised another at the other end of the isle."

This may well have been James Fea VI of Clestrain whose wife, Janet Buchanan, had inherited the estate