Henry & Alexander Fea

Henry and Alexander were illegitimate twins of John Fea VII of Clestrain and Christian Manson. They were born in 1747

The boys were perhaps a little weak minded as their father appointed his sisters, and their survivors, as the curators for them on 17th July 1760. This was shortly before he died. He had earlier that month changed the terms of his will, while still ensuring that his sons were provided for.

Henry was given an apprenticeship with a weaver in Sanday but died two years after his father. He was just 15 years.

Alexander Fea was brought up at a tenant's house in Eday although there is no trace of him after 1774. It is assumed that he left Orkney.

Almost 100 years later, on 14th January 1862, an obituary appeared in the Falkirk Herald for a John Fea which stated that he was a great grandson of the boys' father, John Fea VII of Clestrain. It has not been possible to substantiate this statement.