Tendering for Pharay School - 1884

The following tenders were received for works to be carried out in respect of the construction of the Pharay School.

Tenderer(s) Date Amount Description
S Baikie Jnr. Dundas, Cresent, Kirkwall 17th Apr 1884 £130 School house to be erected on Pharay
George Rendall, David Reid, Arch. Logie and George Drever, Westray 23rd April 1884 £60 10/- Furnish and execute the joiner, plumber and plasterwork for school and house on the island of Pharay
John Reid, James Reid and John Allan, Smittaldy, Westray 23rd April 1884 £70 Mason and slater works for new schoolhouse proposed to be built in the island of Pharay
William Firth, Kirkwall 23rd April 1884 £130 Furnish necessary materials and execute workmanship of proposed new school to be erected in the island of Pharay
Samuel Baikie and Sons, Sawmills, Kirkwall 25th April 1884 £132 To erect the school building in the island of Pharay

The two Westray tenders were successful.