Pharay Houses and Other Buildings

There have largely been eight tenancies on Pharay although examination of the censuses indicates there may have been additional dwellings on each for extended family at different times. Sometimes these were given a different name.

These pages attempt to track the different families that passed through the individual houses and also to provide some description.

The houses from the north end of the island to the south where:

“Bull” or “Bu” also appears in the 1810 rental and also the census for 1841. This became part of Hammer around the time of the creation of the Ness in the early 1850s.

A building containing the School and Schoolhouse stands in the centre of the island between Doggerboat and Hammer. There was an old house named Mounthoolie on the ground of Windywa but nothing further is known and it only survived as a field name. There is also a site of and old chapel.