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Elizabeth Fea and Rev Thomas Baikie

As might be expected for a daughter of Patrick Fea I of Whitehall, Elizabeth Fea was a forceful lady of action.

During the attack and eviction of her father in 1694, the attackers also tried to capture William Fea, the son of Duncan Fea of Strynie. Allan Fea in "The Real Captain Cleveland" suggests that Duncan Fea and James Fea III of Clestrain, Patrick Fea I of Whitehall's father, were cousins.  There appears to be some confusion here as Patrick was a grandson  of James Fea II of Clestrain and there is a Duncan Fea of Strynie who married Barbara Fea, a daughter of James Fea II of Clestrain.  This may make William Fea and Patrick Fea I of Clestrain, not his father, cousins.

The actions of Elizabeth Fea are included in a letter of 16th August 1694 in which Malcolm Scollay relates the event.

Elizabeth Fea married Rev Thomas Baikie (b.1672), the son of James Baikie of Burness, in 1697, bringing with her a tocher of 1,000 merks. She was behind the incident when the Rev John Wilson was dragged from the pulpit of St Magnus Cathedral in 1703 [See Isobel Trail web page].  The Rev John Wilson was married, at the time, to Isobel Traill whose first husband had been James Fea IV of Clestrain, Elizabeth's uncle.

Elizabeth and Rev Thomas Baikie had seven sons and five daughters:

  • Elizabeth Baikie who married David Traill of Elsness
  • Sybilla Baikie (b. 1st August 1698, Kirkwall)
  • James Baikie (b. 13th August 1699, Kirkwall)
  • Barbara Baikie (b. 24th September 1700, Kirkwall)
  • Thomas Baikie (b. 31st August 1703, Kirkwall)
  • Anna Baikie (b. 19th February 1705, Kirkwall)
  • Patrick Baikie (b. 9th April 1706, Kirkwall)
  • William Baikie (b. 28th July 1708, Kirkwall)
  • Robert Baikie (b. 25th October 1709, Kirkwall)
  • Jean Baikie (b. March 1711, Kirkwall)
  • James Baikie (b. 23rd April 1713, Kirkwall)
  • Charles Baikie (b. 25th January 1715, Kirkwall)

Following Elizabeth Fea's death, Rev Thomas Baikie remarried an Elizabeth Traill and they had one child,  Christina Baikie.

Rev Baikie died in 1740 at the age of 68 years.

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