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Feas of Clestrain
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Rev Walter Traill and Descendants

The Rev Walter Traill married twice: first to Margaret MacBeath, and on 15th August 1825, to Katherine Watt.  He had two sons by his first marriage to Margaret MacBeath.

  1. Thomas Traill of Westove who was born  in 1790 and also married twice: (1) Ann Traill Fotheringhame, (2) Catherine Parr on 13th May 1832.  He emigrated to Canada on 7th July 1832 and died at Park Cottage, Douro, on 21st June 1859.
Children to Thomas Traill and Ann Traill Fotheringham -
  1. Walter Traill who was born on 3rd November 1815 and became a surgeon in the Royal Navy
  2. John Heddle Traill who was born on 5th August 1819 and married Eliza Dunbar Heddle.   He died in 1847.  They had children -
  1. William Henry Traill who was born on 7th May 1843 and went to Australia.  He married : (1) Jessie Lewis, (2) Agnes Lewis
             Children to William Heddle Traill and Jessie Lewis
  1. Amelia Heddle Traill b. 10th March 1867
Children to William Heddle Traill and Agnes Lewis -
  1. Thomas Traill b. 29th October 1871
  2. Walter Traill b. 22nd March 1874
  3. James Traill b. 14th February 1875
  4. Gillian Marion Traill b. 12th October 1881
      1. Henrietta Anna Traill who was born on 25th December 1841 and married Dr Frederick Skea

    Children to Thomas Traill and Catherine Parr
  1. James George Traill who was born on 7th June 1833 and married Amelia Kear Muchall on 26th November 1856 at Belleville, Ontario.  He died there on 14th April 1867.  They had two sons -
  1. Richard Henry Traill who was born on 19th January 1858 and married Hannah Kent in 1878
  2. Thomas Edward Strickland Ernest George Traill b.16th February 1866
  1. Catherine Agnes Strickland Traill b. 8th March 1836
  2. Thomas Henry Strickland Traill who was born on 16th May 1837 and married Lilias Grant on 2nd September 1864.  He died on 7th July 1870.  They had three children -
  1. Charles Henry Strickland Traill b. 7th July 1865
  2. Katherine Parr Strickland Traill b. 15th October 1867
  3. George James Magnus Traill b. 28th October 1869
  1. Anne Traill Fortheringhame Traill was born on 14th December 1838 amd married James Parr Clinton on 5th May 1858
  2. Mary Elizabeth Jane Traill was born on 7th November 1841 and married Thomas W Muchall on 30th December 1863
  3. William Edward Traill who was born on 26th July 1845 and married Harriette McKay on 1st June 1869.  He worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company.  They had four children -
  1. Walter Traill b.  26th  February 1870
  2. Katherine Parr Traill b. 26th November 1871
  3. William Traill b. 25th June 1875
  4. Henry Traill b. 20th November 1877
    1. Walter Strickland Traill was born on 9th August 1848 and became a merchant in Winnipeg
  1. James Traill who was a surgeon and married Miss Sherman at Madras in October 1822.  He died in 1829 at Mysore.

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