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James Fea and Jean Cooper \ James Fea and Margaret Sinclair

David Fea and Elizabeth Clarke Hepburn

David was born 4th November, 1818, and baptised on 18th November in the Stronsay parish, son of a James Fea & Betty Goar.

1818 FEA - David natural son to James Fea and Betty Goar was born on the fourth of November Eighteen Hundred and Eighteen and baptised by Mr. Taylor, Minr.

Stronsay OPR

His relationship to this family is established by his 1903 will, in which he refers to:

    my brother John Fea of Hillscath and Sarah, his daughter
    my sister Barbara Fea whose address is care of Josiah Shurie
    my sister Margaret Fea whose address is Care of Mr. S. Walker
    (Janet and James, whom he might also have mentioned, had both died by 1903 and Peter may also have died).

David married Elizabeth Clarke Hepburn (1817 - 1902) on 19th September, 1844 at Kirkwall. In 1851 they lived at 2-131 Victoria Street, Kirkwall, and David was a shoemaker.

Their children were:

  • Elizabeth Guthrie 1845-1875 (adopted neice). She married George Hunt and they had four chldren before Elizabeth died aged 29
  • John Hepburn Fea was born 19th September, 1849, in Kirkwall. He married Mary Taylor Hubert in Adelaide and they had six children.
  • David Fea was born 14th March, 1852 at Kirkwall.  He married Mary Radford on 1st November, 1882, in the home of Charles Radford at Crystal Brook, SA.  They had three children.
  • James Fea was born 9th February, 1855 in Adelaide, SA.  He died 29th November, 1898, aged 43 years.  He was a boot and shoe cutter.  Never married.

David, Elizabeth and their three bairns departed Orkney in 1853 on the Hydrabad and arrived at Adelaide, South Australia on 4th March, 1854.  In Adelaide they lived at 89 Mill Street, Parkside.  David's occupations were Farmer and Storeman.

David died 22nd June, 1908 at Adelaide, SA, aged 89 years
Elizabeth died 2nd June, 1902 Adelaide, SA, aged 88 years

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