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Feas of Clestrain
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Birsay Feas \ Peter Fea and Ann Medd \ John Fea and Mary Ann Cape

John Peter Fea and Sarah Errington

John Peter Fea (b. 2nd April 1837) married Sarah Errington.  She was from Seaham, Durham (b. 12th December 1845, d. 22nd April 1918) and a daughter of Anthony Fenwick Errington, a well known mining engineer in the north of England.  They had a large family:
  • Emiah Fea  b. 29th July in West Hartlepool, d. 15th July 1893
  • Annie Fea  b. 11th April 1869 who married Frederick Charles Wilson of Whitby. She died on 22nd August 1931.  They had two children:
    • John Fedrick Inbleby Wilson (b. 30th November 1904, d. 23rd July 1918) and
    • Oswy Errington Wilson (b. 2nd December 1905)

  • Ethel Mary Fea  b. 1871, d. 1873
  • Jane Murray Fea  b. 11th December 1872,  d. 10th October 1890
  • Emiah Fea
  • Jane Mary Fea
  • John Fenwick Fea  b. 1st February 1876 who married Winnie Pyman of West Hartlepool on 14th January 1919.  John was associated with his father in the timber trade.
  • William Magnus Fea  b. 1st December 1877, d. 6th January 1963 who married Catherine Bristow from London.  William served his articles as an accountant and stockbroker in Stockton.
  • Effie Mary Fea b. 27th June 1879, d. April 1958 who married Rev Charles Kinsley Burton of Shipley d. 19th April 1864.  They had two sons.
  • Catherine Alice Fea  b. 16th February 1880, d. 11th August 1909
  • Edward Errington Fea  b. 15th August 1882 who married Anna Stuart Grant on 27th January 1915. They had a son and a daughter.
  • Hilda Fea b. 9th November 1884 who married Thomas Blandford (b. 16th April 1887, d. 11th August 1941).  They had two sons.
  • Winifred Fea  b. 28th August 1886
A short biography of John Peter Fea appeared in "The Hartlepool Standard" of 6th December 1895.  He received a "good practical education at the hands of Dr Firth, of Hull".  When he left school, he was placed in the offices of Messrs R Wade & Sons and maintained a connection with that firm.  In the early part of 1859, he set out for West Hartlepool, to look after a branch office which the firm had established there and became heavily involved the timber trade which was beginning in the port.

The article goes on "....Soon after Mr Fea's advent to the town in which he has now zealously worked for nearly forty years, he began to take and interest in its public life and the business connected with it."   He was acted as Honorary Secretary of the Athenaeum for some time and served  on its committee for many years.

In 1871, he was involved with the War Victim's Fund which was being raised to assist sufferers in the struggle between France and Germany.  He was a Governor of the Christ Church Schools, a member of the School of Art committee and assisted with the District and Charity Organisations.   He was on the Durham committee for Sunday Closing.  For many years, he was director of the Hartlepools Building Society and Vice President of the Young Men's Christian Association and, in 1895, was Vice President of the Hartlepools Chamber of Commerce.  He was a trustee of St Oswald's Mission Church and of Christchurch Parish Hall and chairman of the directors of the Paper Pulp company.  He was also a Justice of the Peace.

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