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James Fea and Jean Cooper \ Peter Fea and Christina Hepburn

Peter Fea

Peter Fea was the first son of Peter and Christina, born in 1825, at Kirkwall.

    "FEA, Peter lawful son of Peter Fea and Christina Hepburn was born January 29th 1825 and baptised by the Revd. Mr. Manson. Witnesses the congregation."

Peter went to sea. He obtained Captain's Certificate No. 609 at Liverpool in 1859 and seems to have made Liverpool his home. Lloyds Captain's Register records that he was Master of the Proud in 1869. He was Master of the Favourite from 1871 to 1873, the Lady Dufferin from 1873 to 1881 and the Woodville from at least 1885 to 1891. Family stories indicate that he was part owner of Lady Dufferin and that his brother, James, was First Mate on that ship. Lloyd's Register shows that J. Fea followed Peter as Master of Lady Dufferin in 1881 - 1883.

Peter died at Pascocrean 23rd Jan 1892. Cause of death was stated to be Fever.

From Lloyd's Register for 1874-75:

    Lady Dufferin
    F&YM.73ptI.B. (Felt & Yellow Metalled (1873?), part Iron Bolts)
    Master: P Fea
    Reg Tonnage (Net/Gross/Under Deck) 1337/1337/1187
    Dimensions: 183.2L, 39.4W, 23.9D
    P103 Tons (Poop Deck}
    F 47 Tons (Forecastle)
    Built by Oliver, Quebec, 1872 (9mo)
    Owner: G N Ward & Co*
    Belongs to Port of Fleetwood
    Years Assigned: 9
    Character for Hull and Stores: A1
    Date of Last Survey: 3,73

    (* from Mercantile Navy List: John Nixon Ward, Fleetwood, Sailing Vessel)

From Lloyd's Register for 1874-75:

    No in Book: 462
    Official No. / Code Letters: 74515 / PMRH
    Ship's Name: Woodville
    Material, Rig, etc: Iron Bk
    Master: P. Fea 69-86
    Later Name if any: SS Ham. No. 3-5, 88
    Special Surveys: BH Cem
    No of Decks, etc.: 3rd Survey Ham. 5,88 1 Dk2trB
    Registered Tonnage: 741 (gross), 715 (under deck), 714 (net)
    Particulars of Classification (@ for special survey), Date of last survey, Port of survey:
      @100A1 Lon A&CP O
      A1*1 6,89 Lv
    Built 1876 (4mo) by W H Potter & Co, Liverpool
    Owners: Woodville Shipowners Co. Lim. (JN Ward & Co)
    Registered Dimensions: L 191.2 Q43'; Br 30.8 F18'; D 18.6
    Port of Registry/Flag: Fleetwood / British

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