William Miller Linklater (Billy Miller)

William Linklater was the third child of William Linklater and Eleanor Fea. He was born on the 29th July, 1868 at North Adelaide.

He married Hollowjack Alice (a full blood aborigine)

A legendary Territory bushman and author of the classic Gather No Moss an epic early pastoral story of the Territory, Linklater later related that his adopted name was given by the Aboriginal group 'Yonta Wonta', whose members said he 'bin die and jump up white fella' and their version of his name was 'Billamilla', which meant waterhole and that that place was his spiritual home.

"Gather No Moss" is the autobiography of Billy Miller, who ran away from his Adelaide home and in the 1880s 'went bush' and never looked back. He was in love with Romance, Adventure and a particular place, as true pioneers must be; the place was northern Australia at a time when the white man was still a phenomenon on the scene.

In it is mentions that his father wanted to enter the Ministry but suffered a bitter setback, so he perhaps wanted Billy to follow the vocation he couldn't do. They children were all brought up in the strict Presbyterian pattern.

Billy was himself a most unusual man; he was a stockman who could read and write; a cattleman who knew Latin; a drover who kept his courage high by thinking of Homer's heroes. He was a gold miner, and a pearler.

Billy wrote "The Magic Snake", aboriginal stories of the Northern Territory. Many of his writings, letters, etc. have been given to the Mitchell Library in Sydney.

Their children were:

William Miller Linklater moved to Sydney because of losing eyesight. He eventually died on the 3rd November, 1958 in Sydney and is buried in the Roman Catholic Section of the Botany Bay Cemetery, Sydney.