Barbara Fea and Hans Heitman

Barbara Fea married Hans Heitman, the son of the Norwegian King’s cooper, David Heitman, on 1st September 1729.

Hans had became a burgess of Kirkwall in 1731. From the expenses recorded by William Traill, the Town Treasurer, it must have been a convivial occasion.

Dec 18th - By 32 Bottles Rum punch, 4 bottles white wine, 6 unce Suggar, & 3 pints milk, to the Magistrates the day Stenes, charles Graeme & Hans Heitlman were made burgesses.

Kirkwall In The Orkneys (1900), B H Hossack, p153

Hans took over the running of the estate of Whitehall, which had been inherited by Barbara Fea’s younger brother, James Fea, on the death of their father around 1729.  James was to become James Fea VIII of Clestrain.

The name of Hans Heitman appears on the Rentals of the period.

He appears to have done some trading and to have had an interest in other Stronsay farms. An inventory of 27th August, 1744 by John Fotheringham of Holland, Stronsay gives details of horse and kine belong to Hans Heitman.  This includes a large boat with sails and oars to the value of £70.

Barbara Fea and Hans Heitman had a daughter who was born in 1744

Barbara, lawful daughter to Hans Heitman & Barbara Fea ___ was Baptized  upon the Nineteenth day of July Javii and Forty Four by Mr Robert Scollay, Minister in Stronsay.  Witness Thomas Rendal of Breck.

Stronsay OPR

No other family or descendants are known and the name of Heitman does not occur further in Stronsay.