John Garriock Fea and Margaret Gilbertson

John Garriock Fea was the ninth child of Peter Fea and Christina Hepburn. He was born 10th August, 1843 at Kirkwall.

He was a gruggist apprentice, living at home in 1861 but by 1881, when he married, he was a Merchant Seaman. By 1884 he was a mate in the merchant service and by 1893, mariner's chief mate. At his death in 1898, he was first mate on the SS Britannia.

John married Margaret Gilbertson on 14th December 1881 at 16 Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh. Margaret was born on 14th January 1851 at Cawdor, Nairn. Her parents were John Gregor & Catherine Ross. Prior to her marriage she had been a servant at Heriot Row 42, Edinburgh, St. Stephens, Edinburgh.

John and Margaret lived in Leith.

They had three children:

John died on 4th May, 1898 aged 52 years at Chalmers Hospital, Edinburgh SCT

Margaret died 9th October, 1929, aged 79 years, at 10 Toy Street, Edinburgh SCT