James Fea II of Clestrain

James Fea II of Clestrain married Margaret Sinclair, the daughter of Robert Sinclair of Campston and a sister of Robert Sinclair of Campston. Edmond Sinclair of Flotta, uncle of the bride, and a son of William Sinclair were witnesses to the marriage contract. They had four sons and a daughter:

James Fea II of Clestrain is on record as late as 27th May 1652 but apparently died soon afterwards. He was succeeded by James Fea III of Clestrain. It appears that he passed on the lands of Clestrain to his son in 1632, while maintaining a liferent for himself and his wife

Instrument of Sasine in favour of James Fea, younger, eldest son of James Fea, elder of Claistrane, of the lands of Clestrane and St. Margaret's Quoy; under reservation to said James Fea, elder, and Margaret Sinclair, his spouse, of 20 and 24 "meillis" victual furth of said lands; on charter of alienation dated 17 June 1632, by said James Fea, elder. Recorded P.R.S. Orkney 2 July 1632 

National Archives of Scotland GD 31/39 30 June 1632