Incident In Walls in October 1725

The animosity between the Stewarts and Captain Moodie was not helped by an incident in Walls in October 1725.  Alexander Stewart, the brother of Sir James Stewart of Burray, was out with dog and  gun on land belonging to Captain Moodie.  

Captain Moodie, was quite capable of taking offence against anyone who decided to hunt upon his land and had quite a temper. He came up against Alexander Stewart, seized his gun and dog and beat him while giving a great deal of abuse.

A story says that the hunters were stripped and thrashed with heavy tangles found on the shore.  There is some reference to this in a statement made by Archibald Nisbet in Sir James Stewarts efforts to obtain a pardon. Nisbet’s efforts to support Sir James result in some of his statements being contradictory concerning events on the Broad Street and cannot be relied upon.