John Brooke Fea and Cecilia Fea

John Brooke Fea and Cecelia Fea were cousins who married in Sculcoates, Yorkshire in 1839. John Fea (b. 1800) was the son of Magnus Fea and Anne King while Cecilia Fea (c. 20th September 1818) was the daughter of Magnus's brother, William Fea, and his wife Elizabeth Bell.

They had the following children:

The family lived in Storey St, Sculcoates in 1841 and subsequently at 3 Rutland Terrace. John's occupation is described as merchant and seed crusher.

He died in Sculcoates on 16th December 1866.

Cecilia was subsequently at Westbourne Ave, Cottingham, Yorkshire (1881 and 1891) and in 1901 with son William Hay Fea at the Master's House, Charterhouse Lane.

She remained with her unmarried family and died in Sculcoates in 1908.

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