Robert Fea and Elizabeth Ewing

Robert Fea was the son of James Fea of Boardhouse and Janet Nisbet. His parents married on 2nd June 1698. James was baptised in Birsay on 16th July 1710.

Elizabeth Ewing on 20th June 1730.  She was born in Londonderry on 10th July 1708.

On Robert Fea's army career:

It has pleased God to keep him ever since enlisting in the army from the least stain on his character to this present time and has exerted himself in the several stations he was in, such as private, then corporal, then seargant and was in the battle and sieges at Dottingham, Fontenoy, Oudenarde and several skirmishes and was a prisoner of the French.

He was Sergeant of Grenadiers in General Holmes Regiment of fort, commonly called the "Young Buffs" and was removed by order of the above regiment to the East Kent Militia when they were first embodied to help train them, sent from there at the time of Everness in Northern Britain, 17th March 1760, and joined the Militia at Canterbury on 5th April 1760.

He kept his station in the field of Battle at Fontenoy until only he and nine privates of the whole company came out without  injury, the rest being killed or wounded. 

No officer or sergeant came out alive, afterwards.  What remained of the "Young Buffs" were sent to Oundarde where we were besieged by the French and all of us taken prisoners by the French. At the siege of Oundarde, the Regiment being cut off to a small number at the Battle of Fontenoy, everyone of us had three fire locks, when one was hot, took up a cold one and kept the French out two weeks then we were obliged to surrender and were marched out in a field and stripped of our arms, etc. before the King of France and some of his Generals and others marched into France prisoners for the term of three months.

Robert Fea and Elizabeth Ewing had a son, Robert Fea II, who was born on 15th / 16th August 1740