The Feu of Clestrain

The instrument of sasine in favour of James Fea is in the National Archives of Scotland, Edinburgh in the collection of papers in respect of the "Feas of Clestrain" (Ref. GD31\4):

19 November 1591 - Instrument of Sasine in favour of James Feaw of Clastrane, of the 6d land of Clestrane and St. Margaret's Quoy, in island of Stronsay; on (1) quitclaim and renunciation, dated 16 October 1591, subscribed by Thomas Auchinleck, servant to Earl Robert of Orkney, as principal, and by Huw Gordoun of Bellinlone, Thomas Bellenden, apparent heir at Evie, and Patrick Gordon as witnesses; and (2) precept of sasine, dated 12 October 1591, by said Robert Earl of Orkney, and upon infeftment said James Feaw give sasine to Margaret Grott, his spouse, of the liferent of said lands. Witnesses to the Sasine: Malcolm Grott of Tankerness, Mr Maxwell, vicar of Stronsay, James Scolaw, eldest son of David Scolaw of Tofts, Olaw Scott, James Maxwell, son to Mr James Maxwell, William Maxwell, Alexander Dunbar, Magnus Feaw and Thomas Garrioch.

The Feu was confirmed by Charter, the following year:

21 November 1592 - Crown Charter of Confirmation of Charter, dated 12 October 1591 by Robert, Earl of Orkney, in favour of said James Fea and Margaret Grote, his spouse, of said lands of Clestrand and St Margaretts Quoy, in parish of St. Peters and island of Stronsay. Registered R.M.S. Vol. XXXVIII, 97

Additional details to the catalogue summary above may be gleaned from Peggy Fea's book "An Orkney Family Saga" (1975):

"James, by the Grace of God, King of Scots to all worthy men of his whole Country both Clerks and laymen Greeting Know Ye that a certain deed of alienation and disposition of heritable estate made given and granted by our beloved Cousin Robert Earl of Orkney to our beloved James Fea and Margaret Grote his spouse and to whichever of them should the longer live and the heirs lawfully begotten or to be begotten between them when failing to the heirs and assigns whomsoever of the said James of the like degree as themselves of All and Whole lands of the value of sixpence per annum called Clestrain together with that part of the waste land called St Margaret's Quoy belonging thereto with their parts pendicles and particular rights belonging thereto lying within the island of Stronsay in the parish of St. Peter in the same island and our Sheriffdom of Orkney to Hold of our said cousin Robert Earl of Orkney his heirs and successors in fee farm and heritage for ever.

Having by our order been read inspected and carefully examined and found to be whole and undefaced and uncancelled an in no part impeachable we have fully understood it (as) in the form following".

There follows a long rider.

To complete the document James writes:

"IN WITNESS whereof to this present deed of Confirmation We have directed our great Seal to be affixed in the presence of our beloved Cousins and Counsellors:-

the eleventh day of the month of November in the fifteen hundred and ninety second year of Our Lord and of our reign the twenty sixth."