John Fea and Ann Scott

The parents of John Fea are not known.  He was manager at the farm of Stove in Sanday during the time of John Fea VII of Clestrain.  The laird must have thought highly of him, judging by a letter to his manager in 1759, shortly prior to the death of John Fea VII.

August 22, 1759
It gives me great comfort to know that you are well and that you have not deceived me in my expectations of your integrity which, if I be spared shall not lose its reward.    Let my sisters have the same respect and obedience paid them from you, all that is due to me if I were present.  In managing the labouring of Stove you are to do as you please without controle, and see that the rabbits be rightly hunted and the sheep and cattle be well noticed.  Tell John Angus, when, please God, I come home, I shall give him a house and land free during his life.  He needs not doubt of my great regard for such and honest servant as I have found him always to be.  Remember your brother's widow and children. Let them have their labouring free of teind and oate-meal from Stove to help them.  See that you cause your children to be learned to read and the boys to write, especially  James and my godson. If they be good boys and learn well I will take care of them: if not I will punish them as they deserve, let them know this from me.

The Real Captain Cleveland (1912), (p 198-199),Allan Fea

John Fea VII of Clestrain desponed, shortly before his death on 29th August 1760, the farm of Seatter in Sanday to his namesake.  It is not known whether there was any connection between these two John Feas but they may well have come from the same ancestors.

James Fea married Anne Scott.  Their children included:

1758 - FEA  Mary, lawful daughter to John Fea, Church Elder and Ann Scott was born seventh August 1758

Sanday OPR - Cross and Burness Parish