John Fea and Margaret Murray

John Fea married Margaret Murray and had five children:

They died in 1839:

To the memory of John Fea, 
Proprietor of Seatter and Buloquoy; 
and Margaret Murray his beloved 
who both died in the same year, 1839, 
the wife in the first month and the husband in the last. 
Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: 
And the spirit shall return to God who gave it.

With the first Sanday census in 1841, we can see some of their children as well as a glimpse of the older generation.

Brothers, James and John Fea were staying at Bolloquoy, a property adjacent to Seatter where their uncle, James Fea and his wife, Helen Goar, were staying.  These were the only Feas in the entire island by this time.

1841 Census - Bolloquoy, Sanday
James Fea Aged 40 years Tailor b. Orkney
John Fea Aged 35 years Agric. Labourer b. Orkney
Ann Walls Aged 15 years Farm servant b. Orkney

It is interesting to see James Fea's occupation given as a tailor.  It appears the neither James nor John Fea married and that they continued to live at Bolloquoy.  John last appears in the 1871 census at the age of 68 years. He died in 1872.

James Fea was in the 1881 census when he was 81 years and lived on until 1889.   Ann Walls was still at Bolloquoy and described as a servant in 1881.  She was 60 years by this time.