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William Traill and Miss Mocard

William Traill, the son of William Traill and Isobel Fea, was born in 1715.  He became a lieutenant in the Royal Navy and married a Miss Mocard. They had two sons

  • William Traill (b. 1749) who became a lieutenant in the Marines and married Sarah Luce on 4th March 1790, a niece of Mr Mocard, Saltash.
  • John Traill of Westness and Woodwick, Lieutenant 76th Regiment who married Sibilla, the only daughter of Rev Hugh Sutherland of Harray and Birsay, Orkney on 16th March 1790.  They had a son -
    • William Traill of Westness and Woodwick who was born on 31st January 1797.  He was made a Burgess of Kirkwall, by order of the Council, on 8th September 1818 and died on 19th May 1858.  He married twice -
(1)  Harriet Sarle on 9th June 1817 to whom he had children -
      • William Traill of Woodwick M.D., J.P., and D.L. for Orkney who was born on 8th September 1818 and married Emma Harvey, second daughter of James Harvey, Bath on 4th February 1847.  Their children were -
  • Emma Traill who was born on 17th November 1848 and married Dr Charles Clouston on  20th July 1875
  • John Traill who was born on 22nd September 1851 and became a civil engineer in Madras
  • Harriet Jessie Traill who was born on 17th February 1853 and married David Thomson, Glover, London on 22nd September 1881.
  • Mary Traill b. 7th October 1855
  • Ellen Traill who was born on 4th August 1857 and married a banker, Charles Edward Thomson on 4th February 1879.
  • Bertha Traill b. 2nd August 1859
  • William Henry Traill b. 13th June 1861
  • Harriet Traill b. 21st November 1820
  • John Traill who was born on 1st June 1823 and married Sarah Ellen Harvey, the fourth daughter of James Harvey of Bath on 16th March 1862.  They had children -
  • John Harvey Traill b. 11th December 1862
  • Brenda Marion Traill b. 28th October 1865
  • Ronald Magnus Traill b. 5th April 1867
  • Sarah Frances Traill b. 12th September 1868
  • Eva Agnes Traill b. 24th January 1870
  • Mary Traill b. 3rd December 1824 who married John George Heddle of Melsetter
  • Charles Traill who was born on 13th November 1826 and married Jessie Bucholtz on 27th April 1871.  Charles died on 27th August 1875.  They had one daughter
  • Ellen Traill b. 27th April 1872
  • Ellen Traill b. 22nd September  1828, d. unmarried 17th May 1876
  • Elizabeth Traill who was born on 11th August 1830 and married Captain Charles Grant McKechnie on 13th September 1865
  • George William Traill who was born on 26th October 1836 and married Phebe Marshal Threw on 28th March 1867.  They had four children -
  • Mary Traill b. 3rd March 1868
  • William Henry Traill b. 29th April 1875
  • Harriet Clementina Mary Wallace Traill b. 5th June 1877
  • John Charles Merryman Traill b. 24th January 1880
(2)  Henrietta Moodie Heddle on 7th February 1843.  Their children were -
  • Henrietta Traill b. 30th January 1844, d. unmarried 5th July 1872
  • Eliza Wilhelmina Traill b. 18th September 1845, d. unmarried 20th July 1870
  • Robert Henry Traill who was born on 20th May 1847 and married Clementine Rose Bazire on 20th May 1878
  • Frederick Traill who was born on 22nd December 1848 and married Sarah Emms in 1879 and had a son
  • Frederick Herbert Traill b. 6th April 1880
  • Walter Traill b. 22nd December 1850
  • Arthur William Traill who was born on 24th November 1852 and married Gretchen Wöhler on 1st January 1878.  Their children included -
  • John Frederick Wöhler Traill b. 10th October 1880
  • Henrietta Eliza Traill b. 1st May 1879
  • Edwin Traill b. 8th December 1854
  • Rosa Traill who was born on 20th September 1856 and married the Rev Roderick Nicholson Macdonald on 7th December 1876.  She died on 21st April 1882.
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