William Traill and Miss Mocard

William Traill, the son of William Traill and Isobel Fea, was born in 1715.  He became a lieutenant in the Royal Navy and married a Miss Mocard. They had two sons

(1)  Harriet Sarle on 9th June 1817 to whom he had children -
  • Emma Traill who was born on 17th November 1848 and married Dr Charles Clouston on  20th July 1875
  • John Traill who was born on 22nd September 1851 and became a civil engineer in Madras
  • Harriet Jessie Traill who was born on 17th February 1853 and married David Thomson, Glover, London on 22nd September 1881.
  • Mary Traill b. 7th October 1855
  • Ellen Traill who was born on 4th August 1857 and married a banker, Charles Edward Thomson on 4th February 1879.
  • Bertha Traill b. 2nd August 1859
  • William Henry Traill b. 13th June 1861
  • Harriet Traill b. 21st November 1820
  • John Traill who was born on 1st June 1823 and married Sarah Ellen Harvey, the fourth daughter of James Harvey of Bath on 16th March 1862.  They had children -
  • John Harvey Traill b. 11th December 1862
  • Brenda Marion Traill b. 28th October 1865
  • Ronald Magnus Traill b. 5th April 1867
  • Sarah Frances Traill b. 12th September 1868
  • Eva Agnes Traill b. 24th January 1870
  • Mary Traill b. 3rd December 1824 who married John George Heddle of Melsetter
  • Charles Traill who was born on 13th November 1826 and married Jessie Bucholtz on 27th April 1871.  Charles died on 27th August 1875.  They had one daughter
  • Ellen Traill b. 27th April 1872
  • Ellen Traill b. 22nd September  1828, d. unmarried 17th May 1876
  • Elizabeth Traill who was born on 11th August 1830 and married Captain Charles Grant McKechnie on 13th September 1865
  • George William Traill who was born on 26th October 1836 and married Phebe Marshal Threw on 28th March 1867.  They had four children -
  • Mary Traill b. 3rd March 1868
  • William Henry Traill b. 29th April 1875
  • Harriet Clementina Mary Wallace Traill b. 5th June 1877
  • John Charles Merryman Traill b. 24th January 1880
(2)  Henrietta Moodie Heddle on 7th February 1843.  Their children were -
  • Henrietta Traill b. 30th January 1844, d. unmarried 5th July 1872
  • Eliza Wilhelmina Traill b. 18th September 1845, d. unmarried 20th July 1870
  • Robert Henry Traill who was born on 20th May 1847 and married Clementine Rose Bazire on 20th May 1878
  • Frederick Traill who was born on 22nd December 1848 and married Sarah Emms in 1879 and had a son
  • Frederick Herbert Traill b. 6th April 1880
  • Walter Traill b. 22nd December 1850
  • Arthur William Traill who was born on 24th November 1852 and married Gretchen Wöhler on 1st January 1878.  Their children included -
  • John Frederick Wöhler Traill b. 10th October 1880
  • Henrietta Eliza Traill b. 1st May 1879
  • Edwin Traill b. 8th December 1854
  • Rosa Traill who was born on 20th September 1856 and married the Rev Roderick Nicholson Macdonald on 7th December 1876.  She died on 21st April 1882.