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Shetland Feas / Magnus Fea / Magnus Fea and Anne King / John Brooke Fea and Cecilia Fea / John Brooke Fea and Florence Maud Gunn

Florence Elsie Fea and Frank Palmer Chapman

Florence Elsie Fea b. 8th January 1873 in Rosario, Argentina was the eldest of the children of John Brooke Fe and Florence Maud Gunn.

She married Frank Palmer Chapman (b. 4th October 1865) in Kensington, London on 11th June 1895. Frank was the son of Thomas Palmer Chapman and Mary Elizabeth Kindersley.

They had family including a son who was born in Argentina:

  • Frank John Palmer Chapman b. 27th May 1901. Frank married Aileen Frances Hodgson. Frank and Aileen had family. Frank died in Dorchester on 27th June 1965 and Aileen on 27th January 1992.

The family were back in the UK in 1911.

Court House, Sydling, Dorchester
Relation Age Occupation Born
Frank Palmer Chapman Head 46 Independent means Marylebone, London
Florence Elsie Chapman Wife 38 Argentina
Frank John Chapman Son 9 Argentina
Alfred Palmer Chapman Brother 41 Independent means London
Clare Brenda Fea Niece 10 Argentina
Violet Florence Fea Niece 8 Argentina
Frederick Thomas Stephen Monsia Servant 30 Man servant Egypt
Kate Turrell Servent 48 Cook North Bradley, Wilts.
Mary Frampton Servant 20 Kitchen maid Charlton Housing, Dorset
Priscilla Stadesard Servant 27 Ladies maid Bristol
Rose Mary Ann De Pury Governess 43 Governess Kensington, London
Charles Sturfen Servant Groom Salisbury

The Fea nieces were the daughters of Florence's brother, Magnus Fea who had died in 1908 in the UK.

Frank died in Sussex on 2nd September 1931.

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