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Introduction / Eday and Papa Westray Grays / John Gray / William Gray and Margaret Corrigall

Margaret Corrigall

Margaret first appears in the Eday census in 1871 following her marriage to William Gray. She was a daughter of John Corrigall and can be seen at Unigarth in Sandwick at the time of the 1861 census.

While in the 1871 and subsequent Eday census, she is stated to be born in Sandwick, it is not entirely clear if she only came from Sandwick but was born in the parish of Harray in the West Mainland of Orkney. This is the parish, which is generally associated with the Corrigall name.

The 1861 census for Sandwick indicates that she was born there but the 1851 census indicates that she was born in Harray. The place of birth of her siblings indicates that the family may have moved from Harray to Sandwick around 1850.

Unigarth, Sandwick

Relation Age Born
John Corrigall Head 48 years Harray
Ann Corrigall Wife 45 years Harray
Margaret Corrigall Dau 25 years Sandwick
Peter Corrigall Son 15 years Sandwick
Ann Corrigall Dau 11 years Sandwick
Samuelt Corrigall Son 10 years Sandwick
Simon Corrigall Son 8 years Sandwick
David Corrigall Son 15 years Sandwick
Maryann Corrigall G. Dau 7 months Sandwick

It would appear that the children have been recorded in the census as being born in the parish in which they were staying while the parents are recording as being born in Harray. A different picture emerges when looking back to the 1851 census.

Unigarth, Sandwick

Relation Age Born
John Corrigall Head 38 years Harray
Anne Corrigall Wife 35 years Harray
Margaret Corrigall Dau 15 years Harray
William Corrigall Son 14 years Harray
John Corrigall Son 12 years Harray
James Corrigall Son 8 years Harray
Thomas Corrigall Dau 7 years Harray
Peter Corrigall Son 5 years Harray
Annne Corrigall Dau 1 year Harray

This also is not entirely correct. Investigation further indicates that Margaret's father, John Corrigall married Anne Hourston on 14th December 1847 in Harray. The following half siblings of Margaret Corrigall can be found in the IGI and are all born in Sandwick:

  • Ann Corrigall b. 31st October 1849 (shown as born in Harray in 1851 census)
  • Samuel Corrigall b. 21st March 1851
  • Simon Corrigall b. 12th February 1853
  • David Corrigall b. 16th May 1855

Searching back to the 1841 census, Margaret Corrigall was then living at Handest in Harray with her mother still alive.

Handest, Harray

Age Occupation Born
John Corrigall 25 years Farmer Orkney
Margaret Corrigall 25 years Orkney
Margaret Corrigall 5 years Orkney
William Corrigall 4 years Orkney
John Corrigall 2 years Orkney
Ann Corrigall 1 year Orkney
Isabella Irvine 9 years Farm servant Orkney

Further investigation reveals that Margaret Corrigall is likely to be the daughter of John Corrigall and Margaret Tulloch. The following can be found in the IGI for Harray as their children:

  • John Corrigall b. 1st October 1838
  • Ann Corrigall b. 12th July 1840
  • James Corrigall b. 11th August 1842
  • Peter Corrigall b. 3rd August 1845

There is no record of the birth of Margaret, herself. It is noted that her mother would appear to be a Tulloch, which was quite a common name in Eday following the influx of Tullochs from North Ronaldsay to the West Side of the island in 1832 and subsequently.

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