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Papa Westray Grays - William Gray

1. William Gray and Mary Robertson
    2. Elizabeth Isabella Gray
    2. William Gray
        3. Eliza Jane Gray and James Day
        3. Martha Esther Gray and Martin Thompson
        3. Ethlind Gray
            4. Harry Parton and Phyllis Mary Smith
                5. Betty Thelma Parton and Frederyk Stefan Stanley Musial
        3. Ernest Albert Gray and Jane Amelia McAteer
    2. David Gray and Ann Harcus
        3. William Gray and Catherine Garson
        3. Jane Gray and John Smith
        3. Ann Gray and James Foulis
            4. Foulis Genealogy (1)
        3. David Gray and Isabella McDonald
        3. John Gray and Eliza Rosie
            4. William Gray and Ann Foulis
        3. Isabella Gray and James Foulis
    2. Jane Gray and James Tulloch
    2. Mary Gray and John James Logan Foulis
        3. Foulis Genealogy (2)
        3. William Armit Foulis and Sarah Ann Byers
    2. John Gray and May Keldie

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