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Introduction / Houses / Doggerboat

Households at Doggerboat

As each new generation came along, houses were generally extended or a further house built thus giving rise to a new household consisting of a son or daughter and their children. Where grandparents, children and great grandchildren are within the same household then it is likely that they will be all within the same dwelling.

Looking at the households at Doggerboat at the time of the different censuses, gives an idea of the generations and the different dwellings on the tenancy.

                Heads of Households at Doggerboat
Census (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
1841 John Harcus Wm Drummond Wm Harcus
1851 John Harcus
1861 John Hercus John Hercus
1871 John Hercus John Hercus Peter Hercus
1881 John Hercus Peter Hercus
1891 Peter Hercus
1901 Peter Hercus
(1) John Harcus (son of James Harcus and Marion Allan)
(2) Wm Drummond (related to Jane Drummond, wife of John Harcus?)
(3) Wm Harcus (son of John Harcus and Jane Drummond)
(4) John Harcus (son of John Harcus and Jane Drummond)
(5) Peter Hercus (son of John Hercus and Jane Drummond)
(6) Peter Harcus (son of Peter Harcus snr. and his wife, also Jane Drummond)

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