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Introduction / Westray Grays / George Gray and Margaret Seatter

Isobel Gray

From the earliest records of Westray baptisms in 1733, up to 1770, there were only two girls named Isobel or Isabella Gray baptised in Westray. One was the daughter of Jean_Gray and Bar_Gray (presumably John Gray and Barbara Gray), who was baptized on 7th September 1746; the other was the daughter of George Gray and Margaret Seatter, who was baptized on 11th July 1751.

A generation later there were two families in Westray with mothers named Isabel or Isabella Gray. Nothing is known of these families now other than the names of the parents and children, and the dates of the baptisms as recorded in the IGI. Which Isabel Gray married William Rendall, and which married Benjamin Murray, is unknown. Also, the IGI is not a complete record of all births and baptisms and there may have been other Isabel Grays around. There were Isabel Grays baptised in Kirkwall and other parts of Orkney as well, although these are less likely to be relevant.

No monumental inscription or other record has been found concerning the death of Isobel Gray, who is likely to have died prior to the commencement of statutory recording in 1855.

One of the two families was that of Isobel Gray and William Rendall:

  • William Rendall c. 16th August 1778
  • David Rendall c. 31st July 1786
  • David Rendall c. 2nd December 1787
  • John Rendall c. 16th September 1792

The other family was that of Isabella Gray and Benjamin Murray:

  • Margaret Murray c. 5th December 1776
  • Mary Murray c. 26th June 1779
  • Isabella Murray c. 9th September 1781
  • Sicilia Murray c. 24th July 1784

No further information has been found concerning these people or any descendants.

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