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Introduction / Margaret Gray and Thomas Reid

Thomas Reid and Ann Reid

Thomas Reid, the youngest child of Thomas Reid and Margaret Gray, was born in Eday 26th October 1852 and was baptized the following 3rd of April. He spent his childhood years with his parents at their home, Gravesend, on the north end of Eday. In 1878, Thomas married Ann Reid of Blackpow, born 5th January 1854, daughter of John Reid and Ann Rousay. Ann Reid's family is not related to Thomas Reid's family.

Thomas and Ann had three children:

  • John Reid was born about 1879. He married Margaret Miller Leslie, born 1885, in Westray. They had three children:
    • Mary Ann Reid, born August 1903, in Westray
    • Herbert John (Bertie) Reid, born 16th September 1910, at Carrick Farm, Eday.
    • Margaret Leslie Reid, born 5th July 1918, in Kirkwall.
    John Reid was accidently killed 8th February 1940. His wife Margaret survived another 17 years; she passed away 27th January 1957.
  • Margaret Ann Reid was born in 1886 and she lived all her life at Gravesend. She did not marry but she had a daughter Annie Jean Reid. Annie married in 1933 a distant cousin (still living). Margaret Ann Reid died the 24th of September 1968.

Thomas and Ann also lived at Gravesend. As was the case with most residents of Calfsound, Thomas earned his living from a combination of crofting and fishing. Thomas was one of the Reids who contributed to their reputation as excellent seamen. In the late 1870s Thomas travelled the approximate 50 miles, much of it across treacherous open seas, from Eday to Walls, Shetland, in a small yawl to bring his widowed sister and her children home to Gravesend.

Ann and Thomas both died at Gravesend, Thomas having lived his entire life there. They are buried in the old Eday Kirkyard:

In Loving Memory of Ann Reid
Beloved Wife of Thomas Reid
Who Died At Gravesend On 20th Feb 1933
Aged 79 Years
Also The Above Thomas Reid
Who Died 24th Feb 1940
Aged 87 Years

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