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Thomas Gullion and Ann Reid

Thomas Gullion was born about 1838 at Shoehall, Eday, son of John Gullion and Mary Harcus. He married Ann Paul Reid on 5th December 1860 at Broombanks, Eday. Ann, a domestic, was the daughter of Robert Reid and Barbara Loutit born about 1835. Thomas and Ann had four children:

  • John Stewart Gullion, b. 2nd Nov 1861, Brinbanks, Eday.
  • Ann Morrison Gullion, b. 6th Jan 1864, Eday..
  • Thomas Gullion, b. 5th Jan 1866, Gateside, Eday
  • Mary Gullion, b. 14th May 1868, Gateside, Eday and was with her parents at Gateside in 1901.

Thomas was a master shoemaker, as was his father. He lived most of his adult life at Gateside, Eday. Thomas died on 23rd January 1911 at Balfour Hospital in Kirkwall. At the time, his residence was School Place, Eday. His wife Ann had predeceased him. They are buried in the old Eday kirkyard:

In loving memory of
Ann Reid
beloved wife of
Thomas Gullion
who died 26th January 1909
aged 74 years
the above Thomas Gullion
who died 23rd January 1911
aged 73 years
another (and their?) daughter Mary
who died Edinburgh
27th July 1923
aged 54 years

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